Indie London Meetup #5 – Getting Past The Struggles As Indie Makers

Back in March 2018, we kickstarted the Indie London Community with the first Indie London Meetup. Our vision was to provide a local space for indie makers who wish to connect, learn and share their experience of starting a business.

Today, Indie London is a diverse group of makers from all backgrounds with a common goal of building profitable projects.

Come and join us if you’re a solo founder, software engineer, designer, product manager or bootstrapper. Even if you’re just starting out, we’re a community all about sharing and growing as a group.



6:30pm – Arrivals
Everyone get the opportunity to introduce themselves to the community. What they are working on. What are there current challenges. What they are looking for during the meetups.

7pm – TALKS

> My 1st Year of Bootstrapping
> Jonny Burch – Founder, Progression (

With a background in traditional design practice and over a decade leading cross-functional design and product teams, Jonny is now applying everything he knows to build Progression, a tool to help designers to grow sustainably.

Jonny will share with us is experience and struggles working solo on his new project, Progression.

> How To Stay Sane And Ignore The Bullshit
> Grey Baker – Co-Founder, Dependabot (

Grey spent the last 2 years working full time on Dependabot, which he grew from $0 to $150k+ annual recurring revenue. Before that, he served for 4 years as VP of Product and Engineering of GoCardless startup, where he contributed to the growth of the company: from 6 employees to over 100.

Grey will share with us what he calls the psychological toll of being a bootstrapper, how he stayed sane and ignored the bullshit.

8pm – Networking