Meetup #3: How To Think About Sales

On Wednesday 27th June 2018 was held the third ‘London Indie Hackers Meetup’ with the theme: “How to think about sales as an indie hacker”.

The meetup is aimed at entrepreneurs, developers, and bootstrappers who wish to connect, learn and share their experience of running a business.


Paddy O’Neill, Intercom – Controlling your sales velocity

Different prospects buy software in different ways. The one size fits all sales process works fine as you start selling but as you grow, you need to find different gears. As we’ve grown our sales team, we’ve leverage personalised automation, optimised our sales velocity, and asked: “what can learn from the offline world that can work online?”. I’ll be sharing what’s worked as we’ve grown to 25,000+ customers and 50M+ ARR”

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Rudy Lai, Quantcopy – Engineering a sales pipeline

Promoting your new product and acquiring customers is hard. Coming from a technical or engineering background, sales seems shapeless. But like any other business function, sales has defined outputs and processes that can be managed and automated by engineering concepts. Rudy will share his experience going from being an investment banking quant to an entrepreneur selling his own product, and how we can see the unfamiliar world of sales with familiar angles.

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