Meetup #4 – Find and Validate a Business Idea

On Wednesday 12th September 2018 was held the fourth ‘Indie London Meetup’ with the theme: “How to think about sales as an indie hacker”.

The meetup is aimed at entrepreneurs, developers, and bootstrappers who wish to connect, learn and share their experience of running a business.


Harry Dry –

Harry is the cofounder of,, author of and probably best known for creating Yeezy.Dating, a dating site for Kanye West fans.

In the process of doing, Harry’s learnt a lot (mostly from his mistakes). His talk was described as “an amazing action packed talk”.

Shelley Taylor – CEO, Trellyz (

Shelley is the founder and CEO of trellyz, a SaaS platform she bootstrapped to help non-profit organizations and local governments scale affordably through mobile and web apps.

Shelley shared with us her extensive experience of starting and growing bootstrapped businesses.