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Courtland Allen (@csallen)

Founder of IndieHackers.com


Join us for a day of fun

Indie London is a diverse group of people from all backgrounds with a range of skills but with a common goal of building profitable side projects.

Come and join us if you’re a solo founder, software engineer, designer, product manager or bootstrapper. It’s totally okay if you are just starting out and can’t code or already have an established business.

What you will get out of the event

  • How to successfully build a business
  • How to validate your market
  • How to go to market & gain more customers
  • The core essentials of how to build your MVP

On the day


You’ll be placed into a small team and given a business idea (based on your vote).  

The aim will be to work through the business, create your marketing funnel, understand ways to validate the business, evaluate the risks and plan what will be included into your MVP.

At the end of the day, we’ll all present our business ideas and share our go to market strategies for the rest of the teams to hear and take back with them.


This event will run from 8am – 8pm at Stripe’s HQ.

We’ll have 3 breaks during the day: we will cater for lunch and have delicious finger food and dips available throughout the day.

Alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks will be served.


Workshop 1 – Lean Startup Canvas and Identifying Customers

Participants go through the lean startup canvas with their team, identifying everyone and everything involved in the first version of their startup. Participants will be introduced to each element of the canvas as they get there such as value propositions, customer segmentation and marketing channels.

Workshop 2 – Identifying and Testing Business Assumptions

Participants go through their completed canvases, VPs and personas and document customer – product – solution (CPS) and business model hypotheses. They develop a plan to test them through user research and cheap targeted MVPs.

Workshop 3 – Finding and Developing Early Adopters

Participants learn to identify, connect with and develop their early adopters guided by our featured guests.

Workshop 4 – Growth and Marketing Channels

Participants learn how to grow after their early adopters. We will cover growth hacking via product, community and paid acquisition channels.

About The Community

Our events are all about building a fun community of people building profitable side projects. We’re passionate about sharing ideas, skills and stories from a diverse group of people. No matter your gender, ethnic background, religious or political views, career history, you are more than welcome at any of our events. Everyone who participates in an Indie Hackers meetup event must adhere to the following Code of Conduct.

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