Quaterly meetups centered around key business concepts such as Customer Acquisition, Marketing and Sales, Positioning.

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Work events allow makers to meet each other and work on their projects in small groups: hackathons, workshops, mentorship sessions and feedback sessions.

Our intention is to facilitate conversations and relationships within the community to ensure you can get actionable advice and strategies for building your business.

Online Slack Group

We are passionate about keeping the conversations going between events.

We gather on Slack to have conversations that matter  and spread information about future events. It’s also a great way for you to provide feedback to the event organizers and help shape the community going forward.

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About The Community

Back in March 2018, we kickstarted the Indie London Community with the first Indie London Meetup. Our vision was to provide a local space for indie makers who wish to connect, learn and share their experience of starting a business.

Today, Indie London is a diverse group of makers from all backgrounds with a common goal of building profitable projects.

Come and join us if you’re a solo founder, software engineer, designer, product manager or bootstrapper. Even if you’re just starting out, we’re a community all about sharing and growing as a group.


It was a great pleasure to come along to the meetup last night. And what a fabulous group of people!

Tony G. / Slack

Really enjoyable evening! Two great talks, very different, both very valuable in different ways. Thanks also for the lovely food – very nice to enjoy something other than pizza at an event, really appreciated.

Dave S. / Meetup

Well done @Indie_LDN team on hosting this workshop! Great to network with you all. See you at the next one! #product #londonevents #londontech

Girish / Twitter

About Us

Hi! I am Ghyslain.

My passion for entrepreneurship led me to start Indie London – a series of events for entrepreneurs, developers, and bootstrappers who wish to connect, learn and share their experience of running a business.

If you want to learn how to start a meetup I have shared all my learnings on

If you want to collaborate, I am looking for sponsorship opportunities and are open to any brilliant ideas you might have.

You can reach me at: